Concept Design

Concept Design

Building Block Methodology

Available within Paramarine is the extremely flexible concept design module. This provides the ability to represent the make-up of a vessel using the building block methodology.

Each component within a design can be represented as a block, to which any number of individual characteristics are applied, such as weight, power requirement or volume demand.

Integrated Approach to a Balanced Design

In search of a balanced design, infringements will be reported where supply does not meet the demand and clash detection reports any occurrences. Each building block may be moved freely allowing complete flexibility of an evolving design. The effects this has on stability, powering, and manoeuvring can be seen immediately through the integrated nature of Paramarine.

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility
  • Weight breakdown
  • System definition
  • Allows design to develop from coarse to fine detail level
  • De-risking of design at concept stage