Manoeuvring Performance


Paramarine allows for a range of vessel types to be examined, including monohulls, trimarans and submersibles. In addition, the manoeuvring performance can be assessed for a range of vessel propulsion and appendage types.

The in-built derivative predictor can be utilised at a concept design level, or where towing tank data is available the full coefficient set can be used.

Fully Customisable Manoeuvres

  • Turning circles
  • Zig zags
  • Spirals
  • User defined

Submersible specific functionality includes:

  • Linear derivative predictor based on geometry
  • Unclassified non-linear set provided (can be overwritten)
  • Non-linear 6 degree of freedom simulation

Detailed graphical outputs allow representations for the manoeuvres to be displayed for the user to interrogate further.