Stability Assessment, both damaged and intact

Utilising the 3D visual representation of a vessel, Paramarine’s Stability toolset enables the user to define intact and damaged cases with clarity.

The broad scope of stability criteria provides pass/fail checks which are generated quickly for the user to see.

With all analysis contained within the one design file, vessel definition can sit alongside the stability analysis allowing for the geometry to be modified and the impact to be immediately assessed. A vast array of tools are provided to allow detailed analysis of such areas as intact and damaged states, docking, grounding and emergency response.

Key Stability Functionality

  • Standard hydrostatics and tank calibrations
  • Comprehensive intact and damaged analysis
  • Damage templates to expedite damage case generation

Advanced Emergency Response toolkit

  • Multi point grounding analysis
  • Time stepped flood simulations
  • Powerful visual representations
  • Docking and launching calculations

Extensive criteria coverage

  • Commercial regulations
  • Latest SOLAS 2009 regulations
  • User friendly interface
  • Clear pass/fail

Probabilistic Damage

Paramarine provides a powerful visual representation for the stability assessment under MSC.216(82) commonly known as SOLAS 2009. The existing subdivision model is used to rapidly define all boundaries and hence penetrations throughout the vessel length. Specific interrogation tools allow the user to modify the design to improve the result. With the inclusion of fingerprinting techniques, re-calculation times are reduced, allowing for the impact of localised changes to be realised quickly.

Specific benefits include

  • Comprehensive customisable reports
  • Graphical representation of performance
  • Interrogation tools