Structural Analysis

The detailed structural definition and analysis functionality within Paramarine allows for hull scantlings to be applied to shell, decks and bulkheads. The 3D environment allows for extensive interrogation of individual structural elements.

Detailed weight distributions can be generated and where appropriate linked directly to the concept design analysis.

The inherent parametric nature of Paramarine allows for the structural definition to be applied to a scalable hullform, allowing the immediate effect on weight and structural performance to be examined.

Other features available within the structural definition and analysis include:

  • Flexible plate and stiffener definition
  • Powerful holes and inserts definition
  • Blast and Fragmentation analysis
  • Cost estimation
  • Ultimate strength assessment
  • Critical Section generation
  • Inclusion of wave loadings

Further submersible specific features include:

  • Pressure hull collapse calculations
  • Pressure hull scantling optimisation