About QinetiQ IMCS

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International Maritime Consultancy and Software is a dedicated team of professionals formed in 2015 focussing on providing the services which we have traditionally provided to UK MoD for commercial clients.

IMCS brings together the software team who provide our fully integrated naval architecture design and analysis software Paramarine, and the naval architecture and marine engineering team who provide Ship Performance and Optimisation Services.

The focus of our expertise is to provide independent advice on design, physical testing and evaluation as well as operational requirements. In order to deliver this we will utilise our expertise in design and consultancy, our extensive range of experimental facilities and our Paramarine software. Built on 25 years experience, Paramarine software is used extensively in the world-wide defence, commercial, offshore and marine renewable sectors by shipbuilders, designers, operators and owners.

QinetiQ launches International Maritime Consultancy and Software capability

Our team of naval architects and marine engineers specialise in ship concept development, propulsion systems from prime mover to propeller and maritime safety.

The experience in solving complex hydrodynamic problems for the UK defence industry is complemented by the addition to the team of a strong group of professionals all coming from different experiences in the commercial sector including commercial ship owners, shipyards and propeller manufactures.

We make full use of our physical model testing facilities and our own large computer cluster for computational analysis to solve problems across the ship and submarine life cycle.

QinetiQ is proud of its hydrodynamic heritage, having evolved from the Admiralty Experiment Works established by William Froude in Torquay in 1872.

Over the past 25 years we have tested and evaluated over 95% of the UK naval platforms and are the contracted partner for ship performance research, testing and evaluation for the UK Royal Navy. Our expertise and facilities have been dedicated to MoD use until our flotation as a public limited company in 2006.

With the latest significant investments in its capabilities, QinetiQ is building upon Froude’s legacy to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of hydrodynamic testing, evaluation and prediction, and will continue to serve defence and now commercial clients for decades to come.

For further details on our Naval Architecture, Maritime safety, Ship efficiency, Propulsion design and hydrodynamic testing click here.