What our customers say:

“I would defy any other marine design software tool to facilitate so readily the innovative and complex work that we undertake. Paramarine allows us to push the limits of ship design, enabling naval architects to explore design possibilities fast at the crucial early stages. With the graphics capabilities in Paramarine, we can push the boundaries in configuration, which can make a great difference to the final outcome.”
David Andrews - Professor of Engineering Design, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University College London

“BAE Systems have been using Paramarine for over ten years for both stability certification and early stage design. Backed by the endorsement of the MoD, Paramarine is today our submarine software design tool of choice. Paramarine is easy to use, intuitive, has a good graphical user interface and is extremely flexible and powerful. I think Paramarine is probably the most powerful tool available today for submarine design,”
Rob Ritchie, Engineering Manager - Naval Architecture, BAE Systems - Submarine Solutions.

“I have been using Paramarine ship design software for stability calculations for over five years. During this time it has more than met my expectations. I have been very impressed not only by the software’s capabilities but more importantly by the significant amount of time it has saved me.

Compared to my previous stability tool I have been able to halve the time taken to carry out a wide range of stability calculations. Being an official expert for stability calculations I regularly have to review stability booklets from third parties in a short time and the speed of Paramarine has enabled me to significantly improve my productivity.

I would strongly recommend Paramarine ship design software as a highly effective and efficient tool for stability calculations that combines very fast calculation capabilities with ease of use and extensive functionality.”
Felix Mühlhoff - Founder and owner, Ingenieurbüro Mühlhoff

“We are charged with developing a design that generates the most effective balance of cost versus benefit. We develop different configurations to assess the impact on the cost of building the ship. Paramarine enables us to develop and test scores of options in the early design stage. It is a powerful and effective ship design solution that is very flexible. It is supported by a responsive and highly knowledgeable customer support team.”
Chris Muskett, Engineering Manager Hull & Structure, BAE Systems’ Maritime – Naval Ships business

“I would strongly recommend Paramarine to other commercial vessel and deployment system designers and builders. It allows users to open the box and very quickly explore lots of design ideas, and therefore improve their results cost effectively, making them more competitive. Paramarine and its supporting services have really delivered for us and have helped SMT to meet clients’ expectations and deliver complex requirements fast and effectively.”
Jason Hayman - Managing Director, Sustainable Marine Technologies Ltd

“We chose Paramarine because of its proven track record and extensive use by submarine designers and builders around the world in the design of submarines. Of particular interest to us are not only its powerful early stage design capabilities but also the support services that QinetiQ can offer us in terms of training and naval architecture design.”
Dr Shin, Principal Researcher, Republic of Korea’s Agency for Defense Development (ADD)

“The parametric nature of Paramarine and its ability to handle novel shaped offshore structures means it is very useful for concept design. In addition the probabilistic damage stability analysis in Paramarine is necessary for the design of special purpose ships as employed in offshore construction where technical construction teams are working on vessels.”
Simon Hindley, Naval Architect, Mojo Maritime Ltd