Leading UK luxury power boat and super-yacht designers use Paramarine software to improve accuracy and reduce design cycle times

04 Jan 2011

Portsmouth, UK - Paramarine, developed by QinetiQ GRC, a leading advanced marine design software tool, has been deployed by Bernard Olesinski Ltd. to manage the increasingly complex stability analysis that is required on larger vessels. Since it was founded by Bernard Olesinski in 1972, the company has designed over 25,000 boats. It is well known in the industry for its innovative designs, its focus on continuous improvement and the use of cutting edge technology drawn from a combination of in-house and packaged software. The last decade has seen the company evolving into large and more complex yacht design working with a number of market leading clients including Princess and Fairline.

“Paramarine’s comprehensive naval architectural analysis capabilities and seamless integration functionality allows us to bring forward our analysis to an earlier stage of the design cycle. With its accuracy, reporting capabilities and inherent flexibility, Paramarine has had a very positive impact on the whole yacht design process at Bernard Olesinski Ltd. We would recommend Paramarine to any commercial boat designer,” observed Gerard Grandcourt, Senior Naval Architect, Bernard Olesinski Ltd.

Paramarine is based on 20 years’ experience in marine design. Thousands of concept vessels have been modelled and their stability analysed using Paramarine. It is used by many of the world’s leading shipbuilders, as well as many of the world’s leading universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University College London.

“Introducing Paramarine immediately gave us a massive benefit in that it allowed us to integrate our CAD software data into Paramarine without any issues. This has had a significant impact on the time it takes us to create a design,” commented Gerard Grandcourt.

“Working with highly experienced and successful commercial ship designers like Bernard Olesinski continues to confirm the value that Paramarine can bring to the world of commercial ship designers. Not least its ability to enable naval architects to innovate and explore new concepts very early in the design process which is giving them a real competitive edge whilst enabling them to provide their clients with exciting and highly credible ship designs,” said Vittorio Vagliani, Managing Director, QinetiQ GRC.

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