Innovative marine technology solution provider uses QinetiQ GRC’s Paramarine software to design specialist vessels

01 Feb 2011

Portsmouth, UK - QinetiQ GRC, the developers of one the world’s leading advanced marine design software tools Paramarine, has been selected by Sustainable Marine Technologies Ltd (SMT) to aid the design of vessels to support the deployment and maintenance of energy extraction devices in the marine environment.

Sustainable Marine Technologies Ltd (SMT) is an innovative and leading provider of solutions to support the extraction of energy from the marine environment. The company focuses specifically on providing designs for overcoming the challenges of deploying energy generation devices in difficult environments in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner. SMT works with a wide range of organisations including energy system manufacturers such as Voith Hydro, governments and academic institutions. The company employs a broad range of skills and disciplines including physicists, marine biologists, mechanical engineers and naval architects.

“We have been very pleased with the flexibility and capabilities of Paramarine. It allows users to open the box and very quickly explore lots of design ideas, and therefore improve their results cost effectively, making them more competitive. Paramarine and its supporting services have really delivered for us and have helped SMT to meet clients’ expectations and deliver complex requirements fast and effectively. I would recommend Paramarine to other commercial vessel and deployment system designers and builders,” commented Jason Hayman, Managing Director, Sustainable Marine Technologies Ltd

Paramarine software, which is widely used by naval architects around the globe for both naval and commercial ship design is being used by SMT throughout the development of several concept systems being considered for future development. They also intend to use Paramarine to assess the sea-keeping motions and operability of various surface support vessels.

“An additional reason for selecting Paramarine was the fact that it is part of the QinetiQ Group. This has given us access not only to best-in-class software, but also to a huge reservoir of skills that we could call on if needed,” observed Jason Hayman.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by SMT to support their innovative vessel design work. We are seeing more and more commercial ship designers moving to Paramarine software to take advantage of its broad range of features and specifically its powerful capabilities in early stage design,” said Vittorio Vagliani, Managing Director, QinetiQ GRC.​

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