QinetiQ GRC introduce its latest version of Paramarine Advanced Marine Design Software further enhancing its integration, concurrent design and documentation capabilities

01 Mar 2011

​​​Portsmouth UK - QinetiQ GRC, the developers of Paramarine, one the world’s leading advanced marine design tools, has released its latest version of the software which includes many new capabilities and features. The new functionality in Paramarine V7 is intended to improve and enhance the design process, with a focus on reducing cost through reduce design cycle times and the mitigation of design risk due to the increased understanding of the design space.

The latest release introduces the ability for ship designers to work concurrently on the same vessel design which reduces the length of the ship design cycles further advantages include improved design configuration control. This functionality will allow users to significantly reduce their time to market or it will allow them to perform further analysis within the same timeframe, significantly reducing the design risk.

Paramarine V7 also includes the ability to integrate with Siemens NXTMsoftware. The benefit to ship designers is that naval architectural analysis can be rapidly conducted using the master geometry dataset as defined within NX.

A major improvement in V7 is an overhaul of its reporting functionality. The completely new reporting tool is flexible, user friendly and will allow users to quickly create reports on any data held within Paramarine. This will allow users to quickly set up reports and export them to Microsoft Word, create PDFs or print directly from Paramarine. The most important feature of the new reporting capability is its ability to automatically update its contents: the links to the data are ‘live’ and any changes in the underlying calculations will cause the report to automatically refresh itself. This means that changes to the underlying vessel geometry will automatically recreate the contents of the report with the updated calculations, requiring no further user input significantly reducing the cost and time to create professional reports as the design evolves.

In summary the new functionality included in Paramarine V7 delivers:

  • reduced design time and improved configuration control through allowing users to work concurrently on the same vessel
  • faster design analysis and documentation delivery
  • significantly enhanced reporting capabilities including automated design updates
  • integration to Siemens NX software

Paramarine has over 500 worldwide users and thousands of vessels have been modelled and analysed using the software. It is the only leading integrated design and analysis software products capable of dealing with the complexities of both surface and underwater vessel design. Paramarine is used by some of the world’s leading shipbuilders and designers, governments and academic institutions including, BAE Systems, Northrup Grumman, DCNS, Sustainable Marine Technologies , MIT and UCL.

“More and more ship designers, builders, and operators are recognising the value that Paramarine advanced marine design software can bring. With the release of our latest version we have delivered another level of market leading functionality and capabilities that will drive design cycles times down whilst supporting naval architects in delivering high quality fit for purpose vessel designs,” said Vittorio Vagliani, Managing Director, QinetiQ GRC.

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