What are the required computer specifications needed to operate Paramarine?

Item ​Specification
​Processor: Minimum: AMD or Intel Dual Core 64 bit or better
Preferred: AMD or Intel Quad Core 64 bit or better
​Memory: Minimum: 4 GB RAM
Preferred: 8 GB RAM
​Hard Disk Drive: 2GB for installation
​Graphics Card: ​Minimum: Windows display adapter able to support 1024x768 and compliant with OpenGL 1.1
Preferred: Windows display adapter able to support 1680x1050 and compliant with OpenGL 1.1
Monitor​:​ Minimum: 1024x768
Preferred: 1680 x 1050 or higher
​DVD ROM drive:​ Required for loading Paramarine releases only, 16x DVD +/-RW Drive recommended
​Backup Device:​ ​Any suitable device
​Network card: ​Necessary for licensing
​Other ​Keyboard, Mouse
​Operating System: ​Windows 7 (Service Pack 1), Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 In all cases, 64 bit is preferred as it enables larger designs to be worked upon.

Recommended Specification for Team Paramarine Server and Network

  • At least 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 2008 SP2
  • More than 200 GB hard drive space for strong designs
  • Network speed: 100Mbit/second minimum, 1Gbit/s preferred


The following items list any known compatibility issues:

  • Microshoft Excel 64bit is not supported through either Sockets or embedded Excel.
  • Microsoft Excel is only supported for 2007, 2010, 2013 versions. An update to allow other versions of Excel to be compatible is planned.
  • 4k displays may experience some rendering problems.

How is Paramarine licensed?
Paramarine is composed of many Basic Product Modules, each of which can be licensed separately. Each license runs for a calendar duration in multiples of one year which need not be the same as any other licensed element. The licensing control is maintained by the QinetiQ MDS License Server which runs as a Service on any PC visible on the network to the Paramarine installed PC (including this PC itself). The License Server can service multiple seats (up to 250) and license configurations so that Paramarine can be used company wide. A hardware security device ("dongle") is required attached to the parallel (printer) port or a USB port of the PC running the License Server that ensures only bona-fide licenses are issued. For sites requiring more than 250 concurrent seats, multiple License Server/dongles can be managed over the same network.

I have only purchased one seat of Paramarine. Is it possible to run up more than one copy of the program?
A single user may run up multiple copies of Paramarine on the same PC in the same log in session.

Is there a cost associated with upgrading my licence?
The cost of upgrading Paramarine versions is included in your maintenance.

Once the Paramarine license dongle is updated for the latest version, can it be used in older versions of Paramarine?
Yes, older versions of Paramarine can still be used.

Can I recover my work if my session crashes?
Paramarine has an auto save, located under Tools -> Customise -> Files. Paramarine also creates a log file that updates after every action, the default location is C:\Paramarine_data\Logs, this will playback as a Paramarine Play back the second to last log (the last will be the current instance of Paramarine) this will then re-create everything the user did up to the crash. If the last command caused the crash then the log file can be opened using any text editor, such as notepad, and the last line removed.