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Paramarine: integrated naval architecture design and analysis suite

QinetiQ MDS is the developer of the Paramarine™ suite of software products. The suite includes:

Paramarine is one of the world’s only fully integrated Naval Architecture Design and Analysis product that can handle the complexities of ship and submarine design.

Paramarine’s advanced design capabilities are built upon the Siemens PLM Parasolid® solid modelling capability. This provides much of the geometric detail required to enable the accurate analytical capabilities – as well as providing excellent geometric exchange with other CAD and CAE systems.

SeaWeigh and Seagoing Paramarine are the on-board loading computer variants of Paramarine. They use the same ship or submarine model analysis techniques, so there is total compatibility between the systems.

Our Paramarine product suite enables rapid concept design and development, eliminating costly and risky data transfer between numerous analysis products. The stability engine provided within Paramarine is fully validated by independent third parties.

Using Paramarine, you will save time, money and understand your technical risks early in the design process.

The only integrated computer aided design and engineering tool available today for commercial ship, warship and submarine design. Find out more

Its modern graphical interface makes it particularly suited for ships with large variable loads, such as LPDs, Ro-Ro vessels and passenger ferries. Find out more

Parasolid is a registered trade mark of Siemens PLM.