Fully Integrated Tool

Paramarine is a fully integrated Naval Architecture tool, where all design and analysis work takes place within one common graphical user interface, eliminating the need for data exports to other packages.

Integration of multiple analytical tools within one software package

Customisable reports including general arrangements, stability books and Probabilistic Damage can be easily generated using Paramarine’s advanced reporting functionality. These can be opened directly within Microsoft Word for further customisation if required.

Parametric Design Approach

Paramarine’s object orientated design approach allows designs to be generated and controlled with ease through input characteristics. These can be used to parametrically define the hull, which can be assessed for stability, structure and manoeuvring performance. The resulting values are always up to date, eliminating the need for the user to manually recalculate any part of the design.

Siemens Parasolid™ Technology

Based on Siemens Parasolid, Paramarine integrates seamlessly with NX and also provides comprehensive interfacing through ST L, STE P, DXF and IGES file types.

Paramarine uses the principles of facet geometry rather than curve groups to perform calculations, providing the user with results of greater accuracy. The 3D geometry allows the user to easily visualise their design and compartment definition. Using powerful and flexible surface generation functionality allows the rapid generation of complex hull.

forms and subsequent compartment subdivision. This approach prevents double accounting of volume and the hierarchical nature of the subdivision ensures the consistency and integrity of the design.

Embedded Excel and Team Paramarine

Through an embedded Microsoft Excel functionality within Paramarine, users are able to easily control and define the flow of data to and from a design as well as utilising the inherent VBA macro language to undertake optimisation routines.

Multiple users are able to co work on a single design through the Team Paramarine functionality. This provides user access control, design auditing and the ability to check in and check out areas of the design.