Tanker Damage Stability Regulations Will you meet the Grade?

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SeaWeigh™ is a powerful on-board loading computer system based upon the Paramarine framework and employing a 3D Paramarine model aboard ship, permitting rigorous assessments to be made quickly to aid in optimisation of loading and performance, and at the same time ensure Regulatory compliance.

SeaWeigh™ is compliant with the IACS UR L5 requirements for approved on-board Stability Loading Computers, and is a safe and reliable solution for vessels requiring systems as a statutory requirement.

Emphasis has been placed on the usability of SeaWeigh™, with the aim of providing quick and flexible tools to enable users to carry out the necessary assessments the way they prefer, but always ensuring that no class and statutory requirements are overlooked. In addition, our continued ongoing development is focused on provision of functionality to help optimise operations.

SeaWeigh™ offers

  • A straightforward and intuitive Graphic User Interface
  • Flexible set-up options to suit owner/operator requirements
  • Supporting functions to aid practical operation and optimisation of the vessel
  • Planning mode or active data acquisition from gauging systems
  • Intact Stability assessment to current Regulations and any Owner or Flag specific requirements
  • Damage Stability assessment using a Type 2 or 3 approach, or the Owner’s preferred method
  • Use of the relevant damage stability requirements for different cargo types
  • Longitudinal Strength Assessment to Class requirements
  • Salvage, Decision and Emergency Response modules
  • Ongoing development and support from a highly experienced team of naval architects and software developers