Early Stage Design Services

Onsite Design Support Services

QinetiQ MDS can provide qualified personnel to supplement an in-house design team to assist in early stage design projects using expertise in the software to maximise efficiency and to get the most out of Paramarine.

Design Review and Assessment Services

We can provide full audit services of a Paramarine early stage design model to insure correct setup, to make sure assumptions are correct, to advise on best practice use of the software and to make recommendations on improvements that can be made.

Design Analysis Support Services

The provision of advice on the incorporation of parametric analyses during early stage design.

Design Option Studies

We have developed considerable expertise in taking particular aspects of an early stage design model, and reviewing different options and their effect on performance of the design. We are able to provide this service to customers.

Domain Expert Services

QinetiQ MDS can provide assistance and support at regular intervals during a project to deliver advice and recommendations on the best use of Paramarine, best-in-class processes and on modelling assumptions taken.