Design Support Services

Paramarine Early Stage Design
Specialist design support every step of the way

QinetiQ MDS design support services are provided by a combination of fully qualified naval architects and experienced software developers who have worked on vessel design for many years and have supported a wide range of both commercial and naval customers. This combination of naval architecture and software development skills enables us to bring a unique perspective to ship design.

We can offer a broad range of tried and tested support services at either your own site or at our offices at Haslar Technology Park, Gosport, UK. They include:

Design support services

Early stage design services

  • Onsite design support
  • Design review and assessment
  • Design analysis support
  • Design option studies domain expert

Stability design services

  • Stability standards implementation
  • Hull form design support
  • Stability validation support
  • Stability analysis
  • Operational stability support
  • Stability information booklets

Structural design services

  • Structural definition support
  • Structural weight calculation
  • Structural strength design support
  • Structural damage assessment and operator services

Domain Expert Services

  • Design Process Support
  • Specialist Design Services
  • QinetiQ MDS Knowledge Transfer

Underwater vessel design support services

We have over 20 years’ experience of working with underwater vessels and today are a leading expert in underwater vessel design. Based on this experience, we’re able to offer a range of specialist design services which include:

  • Concept Design Development
  • Early Stage Design Process & Analysis Support
  • Stability Modelling Definition & Creation Services
  • In-Service Stability Analysis