Structural Design Services

Structural Definition Support Services

QinetiQ MDS can assist with the development of structural models within Paramarine. The models are for use with the analyses available in Paramarine, grillage and beam analysis, weight estimation during early stage design and for guidance on residual strength of a structurally damaged ship. It can include the finite element export of a structural model to third party FEA package.

Structural Weight Calculation Services

We can assist with set up of structural models for use during early design phases, adaptable to design changes. This service is based on Class scantling requirements.

Structural Strength Design Support Services

We can assist clients in a range of structural strength design scenarios. These include the creation of ultimate strength reports and assessments against longitudinal bending moments, initial assessment of recommendations for improving ship strength and bulkhead strength reports including calculation of worst pressure head under design requirements. These services are applicable to naval ships only.

Structural Damage Assessment and Operator Services

QinetiQ MDS can provide model and software setup for structural damage guidance to vessel operators.