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Paramarine - Offshore and Marine Renewables support vessel design solutions

Whilst Paramarine's roots lie in the submarine and naval warship ship design world, today it is increasingly being is used by leading commercial ship designers, naval architects and ship yards. The software has been developed over the past 20 years and continues to be the subject of continual and significant improvement and enhancement.

Paramarine is used by governments, shipbuilders and ship designers in many countries around the world including Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil and Sweden. It is also extensively used by leading academic institutions around the world including UCL and MIT.

From its naval roots it is now being deployed in the offshore and marine renewables world. For example, it has recently been used in the development of a novel device for the deployment of tidal turbines.

Paramarine is a fully integrated naval architecture design and analysis tool. It is the only package that that has full capability for the complexities of surfaced and submerged stability. It encompasses a sophisticated industry standard 3D solid modeller (Siemens PLM ParasolidTM) and an extensive range of analysis capability in one package. Importantly Paramarine's integrated nature means that there is no time lost in translation between different packages and no risk of data loss or corruption.

The software includes industry standard file formats such as DXF, IGES and STEP for export to AutoCad and various surface modellers. With Siemens PLM ParasolidTM at its centre, Paramarine provides a seamless data transfer to other native solid modellers such as Solid Works, Solider Edge and NX.

Paramarine is fully parametric by its very nature, from the manner in which it has been coded to the way the user interacts with the software. This allows the simple creation of self updating designs with tight configuration control and the ability to define concept design templates and stability models.

Paramarine for Pre-Contract Design

Paramarine uses a functional building block approach for advanced marine design. This enables designers to examine the impact of 3D layout of their vessel from the early stages of design in a complete visual way. Whether designing conventional surface vessels, semi submersibles or novel concepts Paramarine allows the designer to rapidly define their concept, assess the weight and space balance and then use the full breadth of analysis in an integrated way.

Pre contract design in Paramarine can be performed on different levels, starting with a handful of blocks, building up to a complex model of several hundred as the design maturity increases. Using the building block approach helps the designer to understand the design drivers and risks then explore them and make informed decisions.

Paramarine can take the concept design a stage further by using its parametric nature and perform design space exploration, producing literally thousands of concepts. Paramarine can enable rapid concept development, help designers understand where risks lie and provide confidence in a balanced solution. It will enable designers to meet client's ever-changing requirements, improve vessel operational envelopes and reduce design, life cycle and operational costs.


Using QinetiQ MDS's 20 years of design experience, Paramarine has a wealth of analysis all in one integrated product.

  • Stability - Rapid generation of fluid and solid loads; Longitudinal load distribution, bending moments and shear force calculations; Rapid generation of a range of hydrostatics a specified trim and draughts; Stability calculations performed directly on any solid geometry defined. Direct deterministic damage assessment; Numerous criteria from classification societies and the ability to generate custom criteria; Critical KG and intermediate flooding assessment;
  • Manoeuvring - linear derivative prediction and a full six degree of freedom manoeuvring simulation.
  • Powering and Endurance - Naked hull effective power estimation combined with a unique energy based approach to endurance captures the requirements of the most demanding commercial ships operational profile.
  • Seakeeping - generation of RAOs and assessment of vessel motion against limiting criteria to define a operability profile.
  • Reporting - Rapidly generate MS word or PDF reports and print directly from Paramarine

"I would strongly recommend Paramarine to other commercial vessel and deployment system designers and builders. It allows users to open the box and very quickly explore lots of design ideas, and therefore improve their results cost effectively, making them more competitive. Paramarine and its supporting services have really delivered for us and have helped SMT to meet clients' expectations and deliver complex requirements fast and effectively."
Jason Hayman - Managing Director, Sustainable Marine Technologies Ltd