Warship Design Solutions

Paramarine Advanced Warship Design Software

Paramarine is used by the world's top warship builders to design and analyse new build naval vessels. It is also used by Governments worldwide to inform procurement decisions and support their current fleets.

Paramarine is the only fully integrated Naval Architecture Design and Analysis product that can handle the complexities of warship design.

Its advanced design capabilities are built upon the Siemens PLM ParasolidTM solid modeller, which provides much of the geometric detail required to enable the accurate analytical capabilities - as well as providing excellent geometric exchange with other CAD systems such as NX and Foran.

Paramarine for Advanced Marine Design

Paramarine uses a functional building block approach for advanced marine design. This enables designers to examine the impact of 3D layout of their warship from the early stages of design in a powerfully visual way. It allows the designer to rapidly define their concept design, assess the weight and space balance and then use the full breadth of warship analysis in an integrated way.

Paramarine's integrated nature means that there is no time lost in translation between different packages and no risk of data loss or corruption.

Concept design in Paramarine can be performed on different levels, starting with a handful of blocks building up to a complex model of several hundred as the design fidelity increases. Using the building block approach helps the designer to understand the design drivers and risks then explore them and make informed decisions.

Paramarine can take the concept design a stage further by using its parametric nature and perform design space exploration, producing literally thousands of concepts.

Warship Analysis

Using QinetiQ MDS's 20 years of naval design experience, Paramarine has a wealth of warship specific analyses in one integrated product. Confidence in the analyses comes from the independent validation of results that Paramarine has and that it is approved for use by the UK MoD.

  • Stability - Paramarine can handle the complex issues that warships pose, from Carpet plots through to V-lines.
  • Structures - Generate a 3D structural model and analyse the weight, ultimate strength, critical sections and bulkhead collapse.
  • Manoeuvring - derivative prediction, standard manoeuvres and a full four degree of freedom manoeuvring simulation.
  • Powering and Endurance - Naked hull effective power estimation using standard series data combined with a unique energy based approach to endurance captures the requirements of the most demanding warships operational profile. Radar Cross Section Analysis - Use the 3D model to calculate the Radar cross section of the Warship. Reduce corner reflectors using the range profile.

"Paramarine allowed us to rapidly run through different configurations of a concept design and establish whether we could achieve balanced solutions. This has been very valuable as it saved us a lot of time because we could establish whether a particular concept would meet the overall design requirements quite quickly. Essentially, it saved us time and cost."
Nick Noel-Johnson - Principal Naval Architect, BMT Defence Services Ltd